Discover why most millionaires and billionaires 
dropped out of school or college

Jamie McIntyre is an extraordinary human being who has helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve their full potential. I love that he has a PhD in results, as i am a professor of action myself!

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

How Brand New Villas for $99,000 AUD can generate $5000 per month or $49,000 Studios $2500 per month and how Australians are replacing their full time incomes from some Bali holiday villas.

The next 3 minutes will transform your life forever.

Money making can be an addictive formula, something that once you’ve learnt, you love to do, almost like a healthy habit, but better, as it gives you the abundance and power to make your life the way you always wanted it to be, and the ability to help others and make a difference.


3 Minutes Change Your Life


Arnold Schwarzenegger Endorses Jamie McIntyre and 21st Century Education


Meet 21st Century U Founder Jamie McIntyre

I’ve gone from nothing growing up in rural Australia, to a high net worth individual, who built an empire of companies turning over $60 million pa by my late 30’s. I spent 15 years lecturing and sharing my financial insights, as well as creating a modern day 21st Century Education. I hosted millionaires, & billionaires, at my events through to famous Hollywood Actors. I have helped my clients make, now over $5 billion, and eventually was banned in Australia from being able to publicly share my financial insights, especially after I exposed the financial planning industry as a commission driven fraud designed to profit from uneducated naive investors. What I was teaching, the Government did not want the average person to utilize. You’ll discover why later.

I then dedicated my money and resources to funding not for profit causes, such as independent media in Australia, and launched the first newspaper in decades, the Australian National Review . I did this to help my country create much needed debate, & political change,and help expose the matrix of lies being pushed by mainstream media, often in lockstep with our Government’s. I become targeted by Government agencies as a result,and had my businesses shut down,and a tens of millions of assets stolen. I was character assassinated by fake mainstream media outlets,and framed for somehow losing my investors money,the idea I would destroy my own land projects and lose 100 times more then my investors being somewhat absurd . But the truth is not something that the elite care for . Stopping threats to exposing their rigged financial system is though.
I become a political commentator, and investigative journalist,along with a team of reporters have been helping expose the Covid fraud by the Australian Government. I was speaking at public rallies in Australia with some estimates of 350,000 people at the largest ones.

I learnt that the system does not like anyone showing others how to escape the matrix,and become independently wealthy,like I did at a young age. Especially someone outspoken as myself. You’re meant to keep your head down and not draw attention to yourself.

But I was raised to take a stand in my life,and standup for what you believe in,and stand up for your country.

If that’s the sort of person you are to , and you want to learn from my life’s work,and experiences for less then $100 bucks,then what I’ve made available for you, and select others at 21st Century U, is for you.

It’s for those who want to live a better life, help their family and friends , their community and ultimately their nation. To access the financial tactics and strategies that made me millions and my clients collective billions. To know how to solve problems , and to attract the things you most desire, whether it’s success in business or career, or relationship or simply to be more happier and fulfilled in your life. This is not for pretentious people, with big egos,that want me to show them how to get rich quick,to impress fake friends on Fakebook or Instasham, who believe in fake news. This is for real authentic individuals,that want to win in life, not lose, that want the best in life and not settle, that want to change their life and the world for better. It’s not for the weak minded, shallow nor selfish. Using my methodology to become wealthy, starting with nothing,is based on adding value to the world, and being generous and giving. Being real, not fake.
I’ve had the Superyachts, the luxury mansions, the multiple luxury cars, motor homes,the real estate portfolios,and holiday homes. Which is great,and it was a reward for my hard work for years. But it isn’t what makes you happy. What makes you happy and successful, is what I share in 21st Century U.

You’ll access hours and hours of content from my past lectures and from those with a PhD, who have shared 21st Century U stages,because I felt they had something to add to my attendees.

21st Century U, 2.0 is making available my past work,and new material, especially new financial tactics needed to succeed in a world post Covid,that is going to see massive changes. Many will be wiped out financially from these changes, but a select few, I will arm with everything I’m doing to win, and share my predictions of what’s likely to happen ( I have a very good track record of predictions that can be verified, such as telling my clients to buy Bitcoin once it reached $120 Aud , about $80 USD. Many became millionaires as a result , although that’s not how most of the $5 billion my clients made came from. I’ll share how they did it, once you register and access the video tutorials that form part of 21st Century U.

“Jamie is the only speaker in Australia that can speak on creating wealth in property, the stock market, business and internet business. Many can specialize in one discipline, but only a true financial master can create wealth from many disciplines.”

McIntyre Report Political Talk Show - Ep 166 (Part 1)

How to profit from new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop new cashflows to retire on.


McIntyre Report Political Talk Show - Ep 166 (Part 2)

How to make money from AI? Jamie Interviews leading expert on profiting from AI - Part 2


Education For Life.

By joining 21st Century University, you’ll have access to everything from the Founders best-selling book ‘What I Didn’t Learn At School But Wish I Had”, to the most popular course – ‘Education For Life’. The book is a bestseller which has sold over 250,000 copies and has been translated in to 9 languages.

If getting an education for life with 21st Century U resonates with you, we look forward to welcoming you aboard, and acknowledge you for considering upgrading your school or college education, to a modern day 21st Century education. An ongoing education for life! You deserved to have been taught these important lessons at school or college! Our team also looks forward to seeing you at one of our live lectures in the future, to get the most out of your life. A life of continual growth and improvement, as a dynamic individual and leader.

If you commit to being the best you can be, and take your life, your relationships, health, career, business and investments, to an entirely new level by enrolling into 21st Century U, we won’t betray your trust. We know with total certainty these strategies and methodologies work, as long as you commit to action . So we challenge you to commit to watching a minimum of 30-60 minutes of 21st Century U content daily and see the results for yourself.
That’s all it takes to start seeing results, as your mind becomes overflowing with new and exciting ideas, that you can start to implement straight away! You’ll access leading breakthrough strategies, many not made available to the common person, and definitely not taught at school or College. Make 21st C U videos, and audios, from part of your new daily success habits, and watch the results.

Just some of the past 21st Century U lecturers you can learn from when you enrol into 21st Century U for less the $2 per week

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Timothy Ferriss

Sir Richard Branson

Mark Bouris

Here are just some of the things you’ll access as a 21st Century University enrolee

👉 Learn from Lecturers with a PhD. in Results
Access to hundreds of hours of video content from dozens of lecturers with a PhD in Results. Individuals have paid between $4000-$10,000 AUD for video content like this. You can have access to this from just $97 AUD per month.

👉 Access to 13 renowned 21st Century educational books
Including the world renowned “What I Didn’t Learn At School But Wish I Had” and soon to be released “What I Did Learn at School but Wish I hadn’t”.

👉 Property Master Classes 
With strategies suitable for the Australian, US, and European markets and others. Brand new strategies covering Airbnb secrets, how to profit from the property you don’t own, how to find 10X property deals, how to get finance, and ways to buy property virtually no money down.

👉 Life & Investment Strategies
Learn strategies to save money, pay your home mortgage off sooner, get a pay rise, create $30-$50,0000 AUD with a simple tactic our subscribers use with their home before they start investing!

👉 Buffett’s Stock Market Strategies
Stock market strategies including “Renting shares” which has helped many students retire plus how to insure stocks plus profit when the market falls. Warren Buffett’s key criteria for selecting stocks include a book on Warren Buffett.

👉 Millionaire Finance Strategies
Discover how to eliminate debt fast, save a fortune on interest, 8 ways to come up with the money to invest even if you don’t have money to start. Unlimited, practical, strategic common sense financial strategies taught by self-made millionaires. Learn financial skills and tools to master your finances and create abundance for you and your family.

👉 Learn lessons from the New York Times Best Selling Author
Access Tim Ferris as he shares his concepts taught in his bestseller “4 Hour Work Week” New York Times bestseller and licensed exclusively to 21st Century University. Plus an interview with Australian TV Personality Eddie McGuire with Eddie sharing some of his success secrets.

👉 5 Rules of Success - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Learn the 5 lessons of success from the ‘Terminator’ Arnold Schwarzenegger. The man who set bodybuilding records played Terminator, and presided over the state of California has accomplished meteoric success throughout his career, each time defying the odds, the experts, and conventional wisdom.

👉 How to Start a Business
Learn how to start a business, grow a business, raise capital, build sales teams, market and how to sell without selling!

👉 Ongoing Brand New Content
Brand new content being added constantly covering all topics from how to acquire the mindset for success, goal setting, eliminating procrastination, how to create a life of fulfillment, how to discover your life’s purpose, how to create wealth by adding value and helping people, how to create impact and leave a lasting legacy

⭐️ Success Stories ⭐️

I hope you are well and good (I’m sure you are). I was first introduced to your book ‘Think & grow rich for the 21st century’ 4 years ago. What a blessing!

That moment, I decided & took action on controlling my life. Within 6 months from the date of my first handwritten affirmation, I went from; aimless random work to a Career, in debt to £100,000 acquired, walking to my dream car.

And I have escalated in knowledge & valued life lessons since. I just wanted to say thank you. This has been a way of life, not just a single learning session.

When can you talk? I would love to hear what your doing currently and your plans for the future. 

-Carol Newton
My name is Brendan Colley, I am a university student at The University of Queensland and just finished reading your book “Time Rich” from 2009. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this book which I bought for $12 at my Uni’s second hand book store!
As I am someone who is always looking to improve myself, I found this book majorly beneficial! I think the financial education you spread across Australia is fantastic and you’re an inspiration for guys like me starting out in the finance world! Also, the Jessica Alba look-a like on the cover picked my interest so great job publishing team haha!
As an avid Brisbane Broncos fan, I hope I am the one rejoicing after we play your Canterbury Bulldogs this Thursday night to launch the 2014 NRL season 😉 !
Have a great year, thanks for sharing your thoughts and concepts! 

- Brendan    

Check out below, just some of the new topics that we will be covering for those enrolled into 21st Century U

Each will be a short video tutorial uploaded for 21st Century U subscribers to watch

✅ Australian property market predictions. What’s likely to happen?
✅ How I picked the bottom of the Us property market and made a killing in 2010?
✅ Bitcoin and cryptocurrency predictions. Is now a good time to buy?
✅ 8 ways to get started as an investor even with no money.
✅ How most of the $5 billion my clients have made collectively, did it.
✅ Property or stocks What’s the best asset to invest in.
✅ What should I do to prepare for the upcoming Financial crash.
✅ CBDC’s- are they for real and What should we do about them?
✅ What’s the fastest way to get rich?
✅ What are the countries outside of the west to move to?
✅ How to get a pay rise or double your income in 90 days.
✅ How to be more attractive to the opposite sex.
✅ How to be charming and influence people to get what you want.
✅ What’s the best investment you’ve ever made?
✅ How important is a college or a Uni degree in life?
✅ Should I drop put of college?
✅ How to make money with no money.
✅ How to become a money magnet.
✅ How do guys that aren’t even good looking,snag good looking women?
✅ I’m a successful women - why’s it so hard to find a suitable man ?
✅ How to be happy and rich ?
✅ How to escape the matrix?
✅ What’s the secret to life?

21st Century U enrollees have made over $5 billion
collectively to date, and growing

Remember, 21st Century U attendees have made over $5 billion collectively over the last 20 years. If you had of been a past attendee, you would have bought Bitcoin at $120 AUD, when it was highlighted for attendees to.

You would have known to acquire US Real Estate at the bottom of the market in 2010, scooping up $350,000 homes for less then $50,000.

You would have learnt how to freelance and quit your job after tripling your income part time. You would have learnt how to make money online via the internet or Amazon, as well and start million dollar companies from scratch. You would have learnt how to retire from just buying 2 properties and how many attendees retired during live events, from one simple but lucrative strategy of generating instant cash, from one of the safest stock market strategies available. No more risk then owning a home. You would have learnt financial tactics modelled from Billionaires, that has made millionaires. In fact,how much has it cost you to not have been enrolled into a 21st Century Education in the past. For less then $2 per week, can you afford not to have access to this knowledge. Especially with more banking collapses on the way.

21st Century U is about Financial tactics that you won’t learn from a commission sales person dressed up as a Financial Planner. It’s about financial tactics your Governments don’t want you empowered to use and threaten their slave based matrix system that is designed to keep you poor. All change starts with a decision. Is today a day for you to decide on a new future. Join hundreds of thousands who have for two decades been self educating with a 21st Century Education, reaping the rewards year after year.

What do we teach at 21st Century U

✅ Completely online education, plus you can attend live events as well.

✅ It doesn’t matter where you live Globally. You can learn these strategies not just from anywhere but apply them pretty much anywhere.

✅ Scalable to 6-7 figures or more.

✅ At 21st Century U, we continue to focus on new and exciting markets . For instance now you’ll also learn about  our AI program and how to profit from this new technology, not to mention how to learn to trade the Crypto markets, not just the stock or property markets.

21st Century U also provides a community and network

✅ Your network is your NetWorth. At 21st Century U, you get access to a powerful community and private network of like-minded people.

✅ Learn from real world results, from people who have a PhD in Results, not just theory.

✅ Make like-minded friends on your financial journey. We have had some student even meet their ideal partner and get married or proposed at 21st Century U events.

✅ In life it’s important to celebrate your success. However, that can be frustrating to do if not around like-minded individuals like you will have at 21st Century U.

The 21st Century U teaching philosophy

✔️ We like to help our students make money as quickly as possible. Like many who have replaced their income from one popular strategy alone, during our live events. And no this isn’t a rare occurrence.

✔️ Learning around like-minded people, and access to like-minded mentors.

✔️ We teach you not how to just make money, but how to master your emotions and thus your life. Then making money becomes achievable plus you get the fulfilment from being in control of your life and living your destiny.

What do you get access to at 21st Century U?

✅ Secrets of how the wealthy manage money.

✅ How to scale from Zero to $1 million, as fast as possible . In fact one of our Co Founders has done that over a dozen times with start ups. Some over $10 million and one over $50 million. Now he is busy focusing on how to build a Billion Dollar Unicorn.

✅ 21st Century U is a Simple to follow program for financial success

At 21st Century U, we have proven Investment Strategies

As you start to make money, we teach you how to re-invest and multiply it.

With leading edge strategies adjusted for your risk level and choices.

We also teach you via the business strategies at 21st Century U, how to grow and then scale your business, even if you don’t have one yet.

How to not just grow, but then scale them to 7-8 figures, and how to make it attractive for buy outs or partial sales. Not just tens of millions, but ideally hundreds of millions, for the sale of a scaled business.

Areas we cover:

Conditions required to be accepted into 21st Century U.

1. Jamie McIntyre our Co-Founder, asks that you consider giving 10% of the profits you make, from what you learn at 21st Century U, to your favourite charity or activism, to help make the world a better place, and also because contribution and giving to others is a key component of the 21st Century U methodology to creating wealth and fulfilment.

2. You must keep an open mind, and accept that often before learning new things, we must unlearn some old things. To know and not to do, is not to know.

3. Be honest with yourself where you are at in life, so with 21st Century U’s help you can accurately chart a path to where you wish to go.

4. If you are happy with the results from what you learn at 21stCentury U, you will share with others and help them also achieve, and refer at least 3 others to 21st Century U. This helps keep our marketing costs down, and enables us to provide more Teenage Scholarships to help the youth and future leaders access an much needed education.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I make my money back?
It depends on how seriously you take 21st Century U.
But many students made their money back in a couple of weeks.
Note: Everything taught within 21st Century U is for education purposes only.
It is up to each student to implement and do the work.21st Century U team doesn’t guarantee any profits or financial success.
Do I need money once I'm apart of 21st Century U ?
Not necessarily.
Once inside 21st Century U, many of our students chose copywriting and freelancing, which are businesses without money requirements, and saw great success!
Or there is other investment strategies that require some capital. But we cover 8 ways to come up with money to invest as well.
Does my age really not matter?
No, but we encourage anyone under the age of 18 to consult a parent or guardian before enrolling . Or if 18 or younger, get them to enrol so you get a teenage scholarship.
Instead of getting the newest videogames just to find them boring in a week, you can join our community, start your business and shock your friends and family by becoming the kid who’s leveling up in real life.
We have many examples of teenagers building online business’s and young entrepreneurs in their early 20’s to learn from
I know nothing about the skills you teach. Is it a problem?
Of course not.
This is a mentoring program, and you are here to learn from us.
Just follow our step-by-step lessons and guidance, and you will start a profitable business, investment strategy, learn how to get a par rise or earn more and work less.
I don't have a lot of time avaliable, can I still apply?
The methods we teach are designed for rapid execution.
So all you need is a minimum of 30 minutes a day to listen to your 21st Century U lecturers who have a PhD in Results, and apply what you’ve learned.
As one of our Profile Lecturers, Arnold Schwarzenegger says. I’m a Professor of Action myself. Getting into action is what 21st Century U is about.
I live in X country. Is it a problem?
Not at all.
At 21st Century U, we teach how to make money, so it doesn’t matter where you are.
Your location will only change the currency of your earnings.

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Only $2 per week to join 21st Century U

When you enrol, you can donate a free teenage scholarship to 21st Century U, to your nominated teenager, to learn everything they should have been taught at school but weren’t.

These strategies have helped 21st Century clients increase their net worth by an estimated $5 billion collectively, over the past 2 decades.

10X, 100% money-back guarantee

If you haven’t made or saved a minimum of ten times your money to enrol into 21st Century U by 12 months from now, after having watched at least one third of the video's tutorials, simply email a refund request.

Voided if a teenage scholarship is made available.

Plus, you’ll receive an Australian National Review 12-month subscription when you become a 21st Century U member (worth $96 USD per year)


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The Globalists own most of the Mainstream Media, and or,control large sections of it.

Without Independent Media, the truth would be censored completely. Our society would already have been completely taken over by the Globalists.
We risk our freedoms, to publish the truth, but we all will lose them if we don’t.

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Only $27 USD

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Most popular

Only $97 USD 

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Save $200 if you enrol inside the next 72-hour countdown

Includes one free teenage scholarship

$259 USD

for lifetime membership

includes 3 teenager scholarships

Limited Offer

$559 USD

Includes 21st Century U Membership and 21st Century Bali Property Membership ( and $1000 credit towards a property purchase )

Disclaimer: 21st Century U does not provide general or specific investment advice. Any lecturers that are required to be licensed, have their required licensing. Investing carries risks and you can lose money. Past performance is not an indication of future results. Before investing, you should assess your own financial situation and consult a financial advisor if necessery.

How to escape the banking crash without losing all your money or getting dodgy CBDC in return,and how to deal with 20% interest rates coming? Part 1


Part 2 and 3 are only for paid 21st century U subscribers

What is going to happen to the Australian Property Market? Should I sell or should I buy? Part - 1


Part 2 and 3 are only for paid 21st century U subscribers

How to profit from new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop new cashflows to retire on.


Part 2 and 3 are only for paid 21st century U subscribers

MUST WATCH Arnold Schwarzenegger Endorses
Jamie McIntyre and 21st Century Education

Arnold Schwarzenegger LIVE Full at 21st Century Education, Sydney

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